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By tofufanatics-second-account - MEMBER - October 31, 2017, 12:20:26

Can anyone clearly explain the supreme icy armor mechanic on the boss? I know that taking 1ap from the boss removes one stack of armor, but when he uses his sabering move he gives the target an Icebreaker buff. Does it do anything besides causing a 2 square knockback when you hit him in melee? Need to do it for otomai and after one run of getting him to 11stacks of armor with 2 sacs, a sadi and a cra I'm already dead inside. (I imagine beacon + air spells would make relatively short work of the armor with the new collision taking ap but I goofed and would like some insight before i go back in). 

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Icebreaker just gives you automatic pushback when you hit him in melee yeah.

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You can use icebreaker with a cheap melee spell to repeatedly smack him into a wall

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