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Enutrof, Cra or Fogger for Moon 2 and Zinit 3?

By LarryKubiak - MEMBER - August 08, 2017, 16:35:28

hi, what do you think are more usefull in Moon 2 and Zinit 3: Enutrof, Cra or Fogger for ?
And why?

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CRA = High range , Remove mp , - 4 range for 2 turn , control map with beacon , high damage if have good gears , Explosive Arrow and Piercing Arrow for good area damage , Roly Poly for run smile

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Fogg have high dmg burst and he can put tracks for meele but is not super for Kanibal dun
Enu have much less dmg but can control map and debuff well and have bonus drop
Cra longest range, solid dmg, control map, debufs nice aoe if needed

My personal opinion: Cra
But pick what u prefer c:

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Lets not forget fogger can lower bosses resists and has a self stab that is extremely useful in dormor

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Because you need literally hundreds of rare mob drops to upgrade the gear of just 1 character.

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