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+47.500 Damage 3 Man Team combination.

By challengeacepted - MEMBER - February 09, 2016, 04:51:00

Hey guys!! Arghal and Varghul, from the Elbor server here (Yes, i'm Spanish, please don't kill me biggrin)

I'm here to share a 3 man team combination i have had a lot of success with lately

-Foggernaut (Fire + Stasis, average DDD build, Domain of Weapons + Bygone Hand as my pseudo-Pulsar finisher)

-Feca (Tank + Support, probably the most useful character out of all classes, the amount of stuff a Feca can pull off in a single turn is ridiculous)

-Droplet Knight (Domain: Fire. Droplet Knights are heavily hated on my server due them being "welfare" sidekicks, been given away as a compensation item for everyone who was affected by the catastrophic server failure on Elbor. This little guy is my Healer, but what it makes it so good is the fact that it can boost +320% damage and +2 AP on my Foggernaut which, coupled with Feca buffs, is absolutely insane)

The good:
-You only pay a single hero slot per month! Yay!
-You have every important role covered.
-You can literally 3 man a lot of content in high levels, all the way up to Moon.
-You focus the power of 3 damage dealers in a single one, while still covering the roles of Tank and Healer.

The bad:
-Sidekick is WAY too reliant on having GREAT equipment (Not good, GREAT)
-Sidekick cannot enter against Supreme Bosses (Steel Beak, but that's a minor problem)
-While this 3 man comp is really good for Koko, it's a lot less reliable in Kannilooni / Darkli Moon.
-Your Droplet Knight will get denied, A LOT, by the elitist scum.

The idea is basically use the first turn to Stasify debuff my main target (namely, bosses, or simply destroy anything with 10 PA) and use the last 2 PA to activate Domain of Weapons, a 100% Final Damage boost (Doubles the damage, after modifiers) on all weapon attacks in whichever turn you attack with a weapon. Coupled with the Bygone Hand's high damage for a cheap PA cost and added to the buffs / resistance drops my other 2 characters provide, makes for an ABSOLUTE NUKE on whatever i attack.

This can also be done without Domain + Bygone Hand, and will also result in quite impressive damage, tho watching +18k crits fly over the enemy's head is absolutely priceless xD.SPECIALLY on pvp combat (which is more like 8k damage, but still an impressive amount, since i can hit 3 times with it in a single turn, most of the time)

Showing off the comp: Click here

This team is also really fun for those who are starting to play with the hero system!! Just swap the Droplet Knight for an Eniripsa, and you are set smile

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What is Domain of weapons?

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Xnub|2016-02-11 12:32:10
What is Domain of weapons?
I'm not sure if that's the correct translation. Domain of Weapons is an Huppermage-School skill, learned universally by any character that completes the first set of quests from said School.

Domain of Weapons itself is a 2 PA cost spell. It will end your turn immediately upon use, and will boost all Weapon damage by a 100% Final damage, on whichever turn you first attack with a Weapon, for the rest of the whole turn.
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what challengeacepted means is mastery of weapons the active spell you get from the rok island quests to increase the damage of your weapons for one turn.

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Hitmox00|2016-02-15 07:52:11
what challengeacepted means is mastery of weapons the active spell you get from the rok island quests to increase the damage of your weapons for one turn.
Thank you! So Mastery of Weapons is the correct translation? Nice to know that biggrin 
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