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Koko (+2 Challenge)

By challengeacepted - MEMBER - February 09, 2016, 02:06:04

Hey guys! Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Varghul and Arghal, from the Spanish server Elbor (Don't shoot me please!!)

I actually wanted to share with you guys our boss strategy for the (Sorry if my translations are wrong, the name varies a lot from language to language) Tropikal dungeon's Boss in Moon.

The characters we used consists of 2 groups of 3, each one dedicated to massively buff up the single Damage Dealing character on each team, with some of them being able to buff both at the same time:

-Eniripsa + Feca + Ecaflip
-Droplet Knight (Domain: Fire) + Feca + Foggernaut

The challenges we chose are the following:

-Boss gains 10% Final Damage each turn he's alive, if he's killed, all other monsters gain +100 Resist, +1 PM and 25% Final Damage. (The medium difficulty one, with 2 Fecas and 2 Healers, the 2nd part is trivialized completely)

-Allies must end their turn aligned. Whoever fails to do so will instantly die without K.O. (Easiest one, by FAR, also, whenever you activate this challenge, you'll also get the same in-battle challenge, which basically means you instantly get a bigger chance of phat lewtz!)

We definitely skipped activating the 3rd challenge, the Healing / Damage area one (The hardest one, we do a separate dungeon run for that one), since we'd most probably kill our own team in a single move if we did xD

The battle ends as soon as you kill all 3 Healers, since after that, it becomes so much of a snoozefest that we pretty much fooled around the rest of the battle xD

With that said, hopefully the video will help whoever's interesting in farming Metamorfragments!! (Used to make dem phat runes!)

-WARNING: MUTE the video as soon as you watch it, since the big ammount of spanish on it may be unsufferable, aswell as the sound of my voice XD

Click here

(Just a heads up, the same strategy can be applied on normal mode boss, making the whole place a complete joke xD)

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