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Abandoned Workshop team advice

By treevamp1#8526 - MEMBER - January 20, 2016, 19:12:37

For anyone interested in learning to do Abandoned Workshop, Kelba's level 75 timer dungeon with excellent gear tokens, I'd recommend reading another thread to start understanding the weird mechanics:

Click here

As for myself, I've been playing around with various heroes' classes for a few days. Now, I'm thinking the most efficient team would be small and made up of:

1. Cra
- powerful fire, non-line-of-sight air and earth
- retreat arrow's collision damage for the Korbot

2. Either pandawa OR masq
- both can add water to the mix

a) Pandawa
- throws enemies far

b) Masqueraider
- several mob moving spells, including a switch
- 3 different collision spells

Personally, I'll move away from heroes and go with a friend or with two clients. It seems like masq has more advantages than panda, but what do you all think?

I'm lucky enough to have Lumino and Protoflex, but I'm not sure if they would add enough, or just slow us down.

PS - I might make a guide if I get good at this.
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