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AoE Deciding Factor

By Etherminion - MEMBER - May 03, 2015, 20:26:46

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows the deciding factor for which enemy takes damage first,second, third ect.


Fights 2 Piwi's, I am able to AoE both of them at the same time. Piwi 1 takes damage and dies, piwi 2 takes damage and dies.

My question is how will I know ahead of time which will die first?

Possible deciding factors

Enemy's ressists? Attacks whichever is lower?
Enemy's level? Attacks whichever is lower level?
Individual AoE pattern (each AoE has a cell by cell order) specific to each spell?

It would be great insight into the future, knowing how EXACTLY ankama has coded AoE damage to take place (order-wise)

Thank you

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I thought the monster were hit from the edge to the center of the area, but sometimes monsters on the center are hitted first, so.. I'm at the same dilema. Can someone answer correctly? D:

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i think its random biggrin but i hope it isnt ofc!! i would like to know it to

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99% of the time, for me, it hits the one that fails the challenge. So I can only come to the conclusion that it targets the one that will annoy you the most smile.

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In short it's different for all spells. I remember my Cras storm arrow hit left to right. While my Pandas Explosive flask hit middle top bottom than left to right.

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Maybe it has to do with map cells. When a fight begins, a cellmap is created, listing every cell numerically from 1 to ?. Area attacks might cause damage in the cells in ascending order (For example, going 17-18-19-44-45-62

It is just an hypothesis.

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hum i think ive notice it was kind of clockwise

and another thing maybe if the spell is cast behind target wouldnt it be a Back attack?

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I've sometimes speculated if it hits the mob that goes first in the queue after your char... but then other times it just looks like it goes from left to right

It can get really annoying with passives like runaway + surprise shot ..since i place my char towards the mob i want to push ..but suddenly my turn starts with turning, hitting the other mob, turning back, not pushing longer and hitting the mob i was facing in the first place..
So next time i was facing the mob further away ..and ran in to same issue ...but revers going off first towards the mob in cc and then turning and ccing the other mob.. and not pushing anything away from me...

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