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Soloing Amybia

By ByAllMeans - MEMBER - April 20, 2014, 10:42:20
I'm playing a 121 panda, and I seem to be stuck on the battle with Amybia in the castuc questline. I'm okay for the first few tentacles — I can kill one per turn without a problem. But after the second solo tentacle, Amybia summons enough to fill all the slots, and I can't keep up with the damage (with my current resists, each tentacle hits ~140, so it takes only a couple turns for 6 of them to kill me). Is there a trick i'm missing, or do I just need to buff my %res and hope for the best?
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If you have sidekicks, they can help you so much. wink 
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In a group by yourself it summons more then 2 at a time?
Maybe try not being partied at all (if you are).

It never summoned more then 2 a turn for me (except when with someone else).
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Yeah, I made the mistake of trying this boss with sidekick. I didn't realize that the more party members you have the more tentacles you have to kill. If you tackle it solo you only have to take out 3 of them before the boss dies. Also after you kill one it will re summon one in place of the one you killed (pretty sure) so it might pay off just to stay near the one you just downed.
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yeah, the first time I tried it with sidekicks, which were low level (80) and just died fast. So I tried again solo, and you're right, I only have to kill 3 tentacles. The problem is — I still die too fast. This time, instead of summoning 1 per turn to start off, it summoned 6 the first turn... I guess I'll give it one more shot, and then do some leveling before I come back to try again.
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Bring a ranged DPT to help you out. A cra or Enu will work fine to ping any far-away tentacles that you can't get to.
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the tentacles have limited range
in certain places you can only be hit by 3 at a time
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Try to get rogue to help you, they can dodge all DMG every 2 turns with smoke. That's how I soloed it at least.
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