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Elemental damage or base damage?

By Heartbank February 14, 2014, 04:56:42

I'm working on gearing up my characters and I notice there's two types of damage increase- ones based on the element and another that's a flat boost. if I had to choose, and only used one element to fight anyway, which one would be better?

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If you're only using one element the only time you should care is water damage. General damage does not increase heals.

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Heals? I wasn't talking about healing, I was talking about elemental damage vs. base damage.

Edit: Wait, I think I get what you're saying. It doesn't matter which I choose, right?

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Between the two (and excluding heals)
Theres no difference as long as the values are the same.
The dmg values on similar lvled / rarity gear doesn't vary much between flat rates and elemental either, so just go with whatever wink

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the theory mats tell that theres such thing as points,
so pretty obvious that elemental damage should cost less than all-dmg,
so we can observe items of same level and rarity having more or less additional bonuses such as lock/dodge/hp/whatever depending if those provide elemental damage or general.

but the reality is like that you dont have much of a choice. like if you wanna gear up an earth/water feca below 140 nowadays, you should go for rampart instead of sylargh or sage/initate(or was that apprentice that wasn't lvl100).

tldr is in that you should check all the possible gear combinations to get yourself to the most rational build. just comparing elemental/neutral gear won't get u anywhere as the gear problem is extremely unbalanced here (which brings more fun imo)

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The stats dont really vary too much,,
Compare black crow boots to klimes boots. Almost the same level, and same rarity. Pretty much the exact same stats.

Klimes Boots vs Black Crow Boots
81 hp / 80hp
1mp / 1mp
23% general / 22% water and air
3 critical hits / 2 critical hits
10 ini / 0 ini
19 pp / 0 pp
0 res / 6% gen resist
0 dodge / 15 dodge

In this scenario is choosing between +1ch, ini and pp or resist and dodge, making the sets pretty much level in terms of stats. (this is without factoring in extra from set bonuses, but I feel I should leave it out as crafted items are almost always weaker than droppable items of the same level.)

I agree though, general dmg *should* not be worth the same as dual element sets, and in that case dual element sets should probably get a slight boost (#nonerfs) and that yeah, options are extremely limited. Tank sets (or any item with lock) look so scarce after lvl 100 u_u
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As it was pointed out base dmg doesn't matter wether you get dmg all or dmg in an element as the output stays the same.

It all changes when you get a class that can heal, like your sadida or masq. dmg all isn't included in the heal calculation so you need to get water dmg or heal+ gear to maximize healing spells.

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