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Fire cra + ?

By AliZeStali September 09, 2013, 11:31:53

Hey im looking for an alt for my fire cra.. what class should it be?? I was thinking about:
Tank eni (is it possible??)
Tank enu (drop)
Fire Masq (another fire !?)
Or maybe another class? Waiting for your proposal!

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I play with Fire Cra + Earth Enu + Water Eni + Earth Sac. Earth sac is the only real tank in game, eni is the only real healer in game. Earth Enu (has elite gear) does much more than double dmg than my Moo Cra and gets equal loot than the other 3 chars together. Now about the best combo with fire cra i would say it all depends on what u need to achieve.

1. Max Loot : A water enu will do average damage, have a pet that can be combined with beacons to block mobs, has a lot of mobility with extra MP and pet swap and of course has bags and PP.It was my first combo and i really enjoyed it cause both chars could keep max distance and not get hurt a lot, now with revamp it is even better. Your 2 ppl group with a water enu getting bags from all mobs will have at least 4X more loot compared to any other 2ppl group from the extra PP and big bags.

2. Max Damage : Air Osa, Earth Eca, Earth Enu can do a lot of damage. Getting earth gear (radio set) is easier than getting air gear (BC). Earth Enu will also double your group loots.

3. Bread independent : Eni can heal a lot and do average damage but not really a tank even if u use shield. Water Eca has little of all worlds, can survive a lot, can heal a bit and with some good items he can do more damage than eni. Summoner Osa seems like the best option for you since he can summon 2 tanks to take all the damage and he is OP.

4. Other Combos : Earth Iop can do very good damage and secondary tank. Earth Sac can magnet lock mobs, manipulate map and life transfer/sacrifice to save cra. Both are "needed" in many end game fights.

5. End Game: End game groups most of the times include pandas and always include 2 eni. Finding a eni who can heal is easy but finding a good panda is really hard. If u can play a panda extremely well then it will be easy to make a full group and try to kill everything out there.

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