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Best 3-man dungeon team?

By Sekket - MEMBER - May 11, 2013, 23:11:05

Fairly straightforward question, if you had 3 people 3 manning dungeons, what is the best class makeup?

3 osa's? iop,eni,enu? any ideas and reasons why are greatly valued......

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well you should follow the holy 3 in every mmo. which is 1 Dmg Dealer, Tanker, healer

the osa has with his summon the choice to tank and deal dmg but not as good as a iop can do
so just think what char can do what and check there playstyle. so just try chars out and if you think i like this Healer then take that one

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Water eni, fire enu, water/earth enu. You will beat every pp lock in the game with these (important as you are not a full group) and they still do a lot of damage. The eni is there to heal obviously.

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Fire rogue - fire rogue and a fire rogue

Just don't go against any of the newer monsters.

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