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Level: Expert. Help, stuck and in need of advice...

By TribalLeader - MEMBER - May 09, 2013, 00:14:11

This is where I am currently at, the team I have formed. Fire Iop, Air Cra, Pure Prospecting Enu, Pure Healing Eniripsa, What do I do!? What do I need to advance? I want to be able to do UB's like black crow, what will I need to add to my team in order to accomplish this? What tactic will I need to use?

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I'm not offering any definitive advice here, so take what I'm saying with a grain of salt.

It looks like you've got a solid PvE base there, but it seems to need more positioning.
By this I mean a decent sacrier or pandawa. Earth would be nice because it rounds out the team and then you can damage in all four elements, but pandawa for instance is a huge part of any UB strategy.
Or at least that was true last time I checked.
Besides, more tankiness can never hurt.

I'll get back to you later with more ideas, but that's all my brain can come up with right now.

Earth sacrier and/or earth panda.

Thanks for reading,

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