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Where did my Haven World go?

By LongboardingIop - MEMBER - November 06, 2018, 17:21:09

Hey all,

Returning to wakfu after some time away. Went to go check my guild haven and I can't seem to find it? Not on the lower side of Sadida Kingdom like it was when I bought it? I did see a update about the haven world tree's but can't seem to find that either?

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Hi, the entrance to the haven worlds was changed. You can check these locations based on the nation you're in.

Access to Haven Worlds have been updated. A new interface now allows you to view and enter all Haven Worlds in the World of Twelve.

Each Nation now has a Haven World registry, available at these locations

  • Neutral: Astrub Bank
  • Amakna: Crusty Road Bank
  • Bonta: 5th Bond Avenue Bank
  • Brâkmar: Martial Path Bank
  • Sufokia: Gutted Plaza Bank
  • Riktus: Riktus Outpost
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Thanks for the information! 

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