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Allowing us to plant new Srambad resource in HWs anytime soon?

By Kamiko - MEMBER - June 27, 2014, 11:17:18
Sorry but the eco-terrorism is beyond real. Especially with such little room for the environment anyway.
Currently hoarding mats in my haven bag, but would like to plant a few of each in our seed bank in Haven world, for my guild-mates to access if needed.

I also love the look of these new flowers/trees and actually want to use them to decorate our gardens.
Should we be expecting to be able to plant these in HWs anytime soon?
Will it strictly be only in Srambad and Haven bags?

Is there already a thread about this issue? If so, can someone link me?

If not, Sabi, ETA perhaps?

Edit: If You guys haven't realized by now, I'm referring to the flower "Curarare".

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We planted those pretty blue flowers (pazi...) in our Haven World, no problem.
We've yet to get the other plants, (due to eco-terrorism mentioned), so I don't know about those.
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check the market for cheap seeds or hit me up in game today and ill get you some

-Trent / Ferret Fox
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SamhainJay|2014-06-27 18:42:02
check the market for cheap seeds or hit me up in game today and ill get you some

-Trent / Ferret Fox
But I wanted to decorate my haven world with the new crops, and I have hundreds of each seed.
Also, I play on Dathura lol
Thank you though biggrin 


Not only do I want to plant curarares. but when the hell are we going to be able to plant crozolillies too? I'm like, dying to decorate with them
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Hi Kamiko!

All the Srambad resources are plantable in HW's including the Herb, Lumber and Trapper varieties. However I cannot speak for Dathura on this issue (haven't tried there) so if this is not the case you may want to post on the FR side or submit a ticket to them.

(PS I'd love an answer on Crozolillies from Ankama though, I really want to decorate with them too.)
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