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Hi everyone!

By Colombiano27 - MEMBER - November 14, 2012, 06:11:03

Hi everyone! So I've had an account for quite some time, but i've never subscribed until recently. I just have a couple questions regarding nations and classes since so much has changed and I haven't played in a while.

Ok, so for one of my characters, I want him to be an outlaw , and the other character a hunter (or whatever you call people that hunt outlaws), and the other to be in the military of his nation. Can someone tell me how to go about any of that? lol Also I have no idea what to do with my sadida since they changed it so much. And I was thinking about making my Feca a water/earth mix. Good idea?

If anyone can shed some light on any of this, I'd appreciate it! =)

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hunter of outlaws will be a guard is gained by having 100 cp and kill 10 outlaws

military is soldier is gained by having 100cp and fighting or defending a clan master(lords pasture or calamari island)

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Feca's are sorta a hybrid support kinda class. Srams are like the 1v1 kings from what a lot of people tell me, so they would make good outlaws/bounty hunters. Bonta is the most populated nation still on Nox, if you are a U.S. player.

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