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Return player in the house

By SirAvan#5632 - MEMBER - August 29, 2023, 19:09:41
First of all, hello!
I decided to give another try in Wakfu. I left the game in like 7 years ago and most things are change now.
I would like to know few things to start playing again.
1. Player count already ok or still the same? how many playing on average?
2. Is the money now share on all characters on my account?
3. I see all my skins are now Link and its on its own inventory tab, but I don't know how to equip them.
4. A lot of items & equipment have "?" what I'm going to do with them?
5. Is it always lagging? because I'm having trouble to even log in (I'm at South East Asia)
I think that's the few question I have for now. Thanks for answering in advance happy
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Hello, welcome back!

1.- There is no way to accurately tell how many players are online but you can check how the game fares in Steam through Steam Charts. It doesn't show data from people who plays through the Launcher though, so take it with a grain of salt.

2.- Yep, money is shared. There is also an account chest inside the haven-bag that's shared between characters too.

3.- Costumes are also shared across your characters. You can link them to your account and you can equip them on any character at any time from the new interface. This also applies to Auras, Mount and Pet skins and Run animations. No for transfering items to secondary characters in your account. Just go to your Inventory-> click on the Customization tab on the top right side -> double click the costume/aura/pet/mount thatcyou want to equip.

4.- That's part of the Enchantment system. When you Identify an item it will reveal Sockets (green, blue, red and white) which you can use to add more Stats to your item or even add special effects through Sublimation scrolls.

5.- No, usually not. Depends on your location and internet conection. Personally, I rarely get lagg in battles, the performance of the game has been improved greatly throughout the years and it is way more stable than before.
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Thanks for clear things up... One more thing, how about the blue box thing with "?" those are no longer in the game? so I need to use the hammer (icon) and click to destroy them for stuff right?
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Yes, that'll remove the item.  Whether you get anything from it or not is relative so you might just be destroying it to free up space.  It isn't like you can do anything with it regardless though so it's free real estate.
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