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Demonic Pacts Issues and Possible Solutions

By WomskyHimSelf#3844 - MEMBER - April 02, 2023, 21:40:54
Demonic pacts is the current wild PVP system in the game, it has its perks and issues, I will point them out quickly in this thread so it might be noticed by the people who could give it a quality of life update, and make them more satisfying to use.
Good loot bonus.
Good XP bonus.
Clean bags.
Free loot "free of risk" once you get experienced in using it.
The V botton.
PVP is almost none-existing using that system, you almost get to catch no one with loot using it because of bugs.
Teleportation bug is abused by everyone to appear next to the alters.
Characters appearing next to the demonic alter "to turn off your pact" is way too strong
10 seconds immunity when logging in is extremely strong in and should be reduced to 5 "you shall only be allowed to use zaap and not to run to the alter to turn off your pact in case of fixing the appearing next to the alter bug".
Killing yourself using alt accounts to store the loot is very very powerful.
Why PVP when you can just stall your enemies, extract for free while you are handicapping a full enemy team with maxed out PVP sets using a naked minimum level 180 character.
Extracting timer is really short "20 seconds".
Extracting timer should be drastically increased to a minimum of 45+ seconds to give room for hunters to react.
Fixing the problem with teleporting bug, and appearing next to alters with characters that you don't use often, where u can simply turn off your pact
Give a penalty on the loot that you are holding on when you loss it, for example 5% of loot is gone when you loss in a pvp, this is done to decrease the desire to store your loot on an alt account and completely hiding it away from people, at the same time increase pacts slots to 100 or even 200 to completely satisfy the pact users and stop getting handicapped by the slots on the pacts being maxed out at 50 "extremely low number"
Let players be able to switch characters while inside a PVP, this is extremely important and I'm not sure why wakfu doesn't have this feature, it is found in dofus, and it should be also implemented in wakfu, you could be the best PVPer in the server but you are afraid to get attacked while you are using the wrong characters, because the fight is doomed before it even starts, this feels terrible and extremely bad when it happens, also gives the hunters a huge unjustified edge over other players.
Implement ways to become invisible/undetectable in ways, currently people enter their bags to hunt other people, stretch their screens, and use scout accounts to check for their prey, I believe that's too much effort put into someone who can just alt f4 yeet out, so giving the players more ways to sneak around each other/hunt each other will be healthy for the system, right now hunting takes too much effort and extracting takes too little effort.
For example if you have pacts up and you stand in the same spot for 2 minutes you become invisible and you need to hunt your mouse above you to get detected, this is a way to let hunters hunt without the need to enter bags and use scout account.
On the other side, farmers have friend list to use against hunters, its a very powerful tool, plus the game player base doesn't have enough hunters chasing you down to be scared to extract most of the time.
For the people who are using the pact causally "aren't a high level farmers" they should be under the mercy of the hunters because they simply lack the ability to be sneaky enough to dodge everyone, also most of the time, they are completely ignored by the hunters, It's called WILD PVP for a reason.
I accept the fact that this post could get heavy criticism because of how most people do like to enjoy free loot and XP, but its is nothing more than flaws in a system that is in the game, awaiting to be fixed.
Thank you for your time reading this, wishing you a wonderful day.
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I'm pretty torn on pacts. I think the overall idea isn't terrible, but its far too heavily skewed towards endgame players

I agree that bugs shouldn't be essentially a requirement to using pacts, and any abuseable bugs should be removed.

> For the people who are using the pact causally "aren't a high level farmers" they should be under the mercy of the hunters because they simply lack the ability to be sneaky enough to dodge everyone, also most of the time, they are completely ignored by the hunters, It's called WILD PVP for a reason.

It feels like you would want to remove all of the "off fight" strategy in pacts and remain only with the PvP fights, which would just discourage everyone but the people with fully equipped 6 stack endgame PvP Teams to even bother with pacts. Being at the mercy of the high level players to be able to extract just isn't enjoyable, and anyone who doesn't have a fully optimized team simply can't win PvP. It ends up in a weird conundrum where people who are strong enough for pacts don't really need them, while people who could use the extra loot (and especially EXP!) aren't strong enough to compete.

Thats why people rely on "off fight" strategies like scouting with multiple players/accounts or stalling by attacking with alts. Thats only way they can fight back against endgame pvpers.
If people invest multiple people for extraction defense that should also provide a form of safety over a hunter only using 1 account, even if it feels cheap to you to get stalled by a low level character.

I'd actually argue that the way things are now its heavily skewed towards the hunters in terms of risk-reward. Hunters don't actually risk anything by attacking farmers, and as long as thats the case it should be a lot harder for hunters to actually get a kill. If there was a collateral Hunters have to put up that the farmers can gain when successfully defending themselves I'd be more in favour of adding more ways for hunters to catch farmers. Allowing hunters to just invisibly camp an altar is incredibly broken, theres literally no way to defend against it, and it comes at no risk for the hunter.

IMHO I'd rather go with ways to incentivize defending yourself in PvP for farmers, rather than making it easier for hunters. Force the attacker to match the ALS and number of players of the defender. This allows even low level players or people without booster to use the pact for EXP/loot by making a strong but cheap (compared to endgame gear) ALS build. Maybe even just have standardized Items or a point system so everyone fights on equal footing. Force the attacker to have some amount of loot themselves that they have to risk before attacking players with 40mk inventories.

Buffing Hunters won't solve your problem of people dodging fights. With the way Pact works there is simply no reason to go for risky plays and potentially lose out on several hours of loot. As long as there is no incentive to playing risky people will just find other ways to stay safe, or they'll stop using pact altogether.
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Oh and then there's bow meow and rikkiki transformation
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