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New to Wakfu, Dofus, Dofus Touch

By mcodev#4332 - MEMBER - August 10, 2020, 08:07:10

I've totally missed the hype train,..... BUT IM NEW. I'm looking for people to play with. 

Add Me as a friend: mcodev

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ill suggest starting on remington . 

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Add me  IG: Breadyy

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Join remington locate newbie frendly guild do not go after lv 10 ones the playerbase with em is almost without expection high lv you get stats and advice but not people to run content with.

also if you can pick your main trio of chars with forethought you dont wana use significant time to lv up chars youre not going to use.

and to alts fast use the pvp/pve hybrid maps the2x and 3x exp also works in there so scoring high in there is insane ammounts of exp.

oh and have fun

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hello, i used to play wakfu when it launched and took a break from it, coming back now because i have time, searched a few things about wakfu and heard that this game is pretty much dead and im better off with dofus. so i started playing dofus(1 month now) but i still want to revisit this game but not completely sure if i should come. is this still worth playing?

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