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Old player taking another look at Wakfu

By Mishna#2513 - MEMBER - October 31, 2018, 22:30:18

Hey everyone, I played Wakfu from the early beta, decided to come back and take another look but Nox seems totally dead. Which server has the most activity these days?

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You'll have to play on Remington server for any chance of seeing someone. I play in the CST timezone and Astrub has tons of players running around.

if you're concerned about latency issues (being an international server) I have not had any. I live in Oklahoma, US and I have played with people from all over the world. Sometimes there's a rubber band issue but it's not enough of a problem to really make playing unenjoyable.

I'm also an older player from the beta days so if you want someone to hang with hit me up in-game. My character name is Kajeet and this one would welcome the company.

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