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Old player rejoining

By Rainbowy - MEMBER - August 22, 2018, 15:54:23

I played Wakfu a couple of years ago, hoping I could bring other friends back into it too, but failed. I recently made a new Enripsa class with a friend (a Sacrier).
I do play my Huppermage a fair bit too, but they're both still under lvl 25. I hope to make new friends and hopefully join a guild!

If you wish to chat (and join me!), I have a discord and I'm on the Remington server. Thanks for hearing me out. biggrin

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I Would like to say Welcome back to the game and i hope you're having fun right now.

Remington Server has a discord server, So if you want help or you have a question or anything like that...Remington Server is here for you

you can join the server by clicking "Here"

if the invitation didn't work then Msg Me TheFinal_Will#2106 so i can invite you to the server

~TheFinal Will

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