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i miss the old days

By Mox-Jackal#6248 - MEMBER - November 07, 2017, 16:23:11

i used to play Dofus with my Brother Orc-Chife
But he quit

I used to play with Frey, and Prelaw, and Animal
They quit to

I used to play by myself
But then i quit

Wakfu is a great game, but it definetly isnt for everyone
the community seems a bit stagnant and rude at times
i think what happened was when it opened the steam flood gates
it just overwhelmed itself

honestly for me, it was when they took away the Osas power to summon 3 pets a turn
that killed my fun for pve, as it was more of a pvp choice nerf

i played wakfu for pve and ignored pvp
but pvp constantly diminished pve with its priority updates

I've been playing since Dofus 2007/ Wakfu since 2012
A long time really, i just lost my guild and went to a New W, called Warframe

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Well, I REALLY miss the old Incarnum. True, the new one put in some interesting interaction, but I miss the serene atmosphere, after a hard battle. Plus the pandawa training area, Lumber Jill, Sokay, etc. The new version for boring (for me) fast.

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the old incarnam had more life to it
there is so much that got taken out for no real reason

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