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Annyeong WAKFU!

By cosmicey#9239 - MEMBER - April 17, 2017, 18:19:48

Hi, I am new here, as you can tell.

I found a game called KROSMAGA and it looked really cool and when I played it it was super fun, then I found out there was many more games based on that universe, wakfu being one of them. I am a Xelor, super hard to play though, I started out as an Osmodas. I'm still at the starting zone so if there are any other easy classes to play just leave a suggestion. smile

Nice to meet you all!~

(edit: btw how do you change your avatar?)

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At first i saw "annoying wakfu!". I'm not sure, more on this later.

If you're looking for "easy class" try cra, sram or osa. Feca are for tanking or support, not fun but always welcomed in party.

you can change avatar by: click on upper right corner avatar icon> click on black cube in current avatar > change avatar

I don't know what to do with these items, any ideas?

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Yeah Idk what any of those are, and "annyeong" is "hello" in Korean smile

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I..... think those are recipe for kimchi....

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