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By Venomshade#8268 - MEMBER - February 19, 2017, 20:31:32

Well Hello There, Wassup everyone?!

I'm still fairly new to Wakfu!, so i figured a good way to start is to introduce myself to Y'all!, SO! Hello again!. 

Weeell... i suppose thats the part where i should write something about myself!~

I'm on Remmington where i play a level 23 Sram, And so far i'm having a blast going all Stabby Stabby and Shadowscary, Although the skill and characteristics system is still a bit of a pain in the neck, Oh well, i'm gonna figured out how it works in no time! which doesn't mean i would say no if some kind soul is up to show me the ropes, in fact, i would appreciate it immensely!~

aaaanywaay! If you wanna Say Hi or just Socialize a little bit, My ingame name is "Katsumie",  Don't be shy, don't worry... I only bite if you ask me to!~

Warm Regards~


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Welcome to Wakfu! I'm Yiosh, sadly I'm from Elbor so can't really help you on Remington but if there's anything you wish to know just ask. Good luck on your adventures!

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