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Hi o/

By Mintstone#1387 September 19, 2016, 16:07:21

Hi guys, Mint Stone here. I like to play games while socializing at the same time, so playing mmo is perfect for someone like me. I accidentally found this game on steam, and it seems to be right up my alley. I tried to ask my circles if anyone wanted to play this with me, but they either ignored my invite or made fun of my gaming taste instead. Well, I'll give it to them. It is a fun taste, and I'm gonna taste the hell out of it. Uh, that came out kinda wrong, but I can assure you that I mean it well. I always do, and if I don't, let me know. I'll fix it.

I don't mind grinding, but I do mind covering other people's role on timely basis. Once or twice is fine, but if it's gonna be a frequent occurrence, then you better find a permanent solution for it. I can take most leadership positions, but I prefer to just be a regular member, less pressure, less constrain, more free time. I'm an okay-ish RP-er. I'm a bit out of touch with my generations' slangs and memes, but I manage. I can manage. I'm a fast learner on most occasion, and I'm full with positiveness. Well, maybe not as full as in full, but I have enough dose of it to remain positive most of the time. If you want to see some negativity from me, well, uh, I can be positively negative?

I usually play around 7 pm PST on and off for a few hours on weekdays. I'm quite active on weekends unless I have a prior engagement. So... wakfu and chill? anyone? someone? hi?

ign: Mint Stone
server: Nox

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Hello my name is SlomoCoffee on Steam, You can add me if ya want, I came here to reply to your great Introduction to the game, I to have been looking for people to hangout with on this game, I have a guild, and sure a few friends that play this game really frequently, But I can assure you that I do not have a partner that plays with me on a daily basis or "Weekend basis" Like I play as a character, You play as a character, Like we make certain characters that we only play with together, I can answer some of your questions about the game too, For I am "Experienced" My highest lvl character is currently either 16 or 17. You may add me on Steam, For we can get into a voice call or just chat and play together with certain characters, See ya friend biggrin

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Welcome to you both.

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Thanks for the welcomes. I'm online right now, so uh, let's meet up and chat or something? biggrin 

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