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Hello everybody!

By September 15, 2016, 23:31:03

Hello everybody! My name is SlomoCoffee
I am a new player to the game, and to the tv show, I love the tv show right now, So I decided to play the mmo, Looked at the reviews, Saw that it was amazing! So I just thought it would be ok for me to post on the forums a quick little intro about myself, maybe get some friends, maybe be invited to a guild and have fun, Though, I would like it if someone decided to step up, and show me the ropes, maybe like add me on steam or Skype or something, So that if I ever come across a question, or get stumped on a quest, I have someone to ask for help smile

Now onto me! I am a 13 year old dude, in 8th grade, I am extremely bored everyday so I decided it would be best to play a "MMORPG" to cruise through time...Hehehehe jokes...I have a LOT of free time, So if anyone has Steam or Skype, We can maybe get together and hangout on Wakfu, Or other games, Ive always wanted to start my own guild on an MMO or MMORPG Maybe I could do that sometime with some friends that I hopefully meet upon this introduction, The only thing that you should really know about me is the fact that I am 13 year old dude with a somewhat squeaky I guess sad Voice and somewhat deep voice, And the fact that sometimes I will act weird in situations like I might get mad at a few things, I mean who doesn't, Everyone gets mad at a few little things here and there, Like maybe your friend dropped some things, and you get pissed off, or "Annoyed" by it. I am like that too, I also have a disease that will maybe stop me in the middle of a battle or conversation, Because I have Diabetes 1, Which means that I have to take insulin shots when I eat, So it could slow us down maybe like a few min, But hopefully that is ok with you guys. It all just comes down to, I am a hard to get to along with guy, but if you do get to know me well, You will love me as a best friend or just a friend in general. Hopefully this Introduction meets the guidelines of the rules, I did read them, Just maybe you added something within the time that I post this. Yes I know that sounds stupid smile
Thank you all for reading this really long introduction, I just wanted to sound somewhat important or something smile
And I hope we become friends smile 

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tldr: I am 13 years old and squeaky? smile

What server are you on, squeaky? And what's your IGN?

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My name is not Squeaky -__-

Nox Server

IGN: XCoffeeX
Thinking about deleting the character and replacing it with a better soloer
Because apparently if you're osmodas you cannot kill anything! Via being a Soloer

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Don't be in too big of a hurry to switch chars . Sadida is a popular choice for PvP players. In PvE you can survive a lot of combats you otherwise wouldn't because you can use dolls to control the battlefield so much.

Welcome to Nox. If I'm online I'm happy to help you out as you need.

IGN: Waffler (also not squeaky)

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