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By aoruichi#5027 August 29, 2016, 21:53:36

Hi everyone! New to the game and I'm really enjoying it, just want to drop by on forum and greet y'all! biggrin 

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Welcome! Hope you do not get scared off by low player base at lower levels (below 100), It gets better after that smile 

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Thank you Tartu! smile 

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Welcome. What server are you on?

Make sure you join an active guild right away to get the startup support you'll need.

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And maybe enjoy your first characters to the fullest at the most slow possible way, with a lot of crafting in middle perhaps.

Most up vote the comment about join an active guild, random chats with people available to help you right away is pretty neat.

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Thank you deadcafe and captchprase for the advice! I'm on Remington. :-D
I'm in a guild now not very active but I'm enjoying the pace, also getting into crafting. If baking some bread counts! xD

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