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New Sadida Streaming! - Twitch

By Sadida-Sufokia#2277 May 20, 2016, 10:30:06

Returning player from 2013 and will be active and streaming daily from Remington server. This is my first time playing Sadida and will be performing a support/healing roll. Come and learn about the wonders of Wakfu and the Sadida class with me (because I've forgotten almost everything LOL).

Feel free to enjoy watching or add me so we can party up!
You can watch by clicking here!


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you know what the most boring thing ever is?
Watching someone else play an mmo lol

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We had a lot of fun.

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The Remington community is great. You can run dungeons with me and stuff. No need to just watch if you get bored. ^^

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