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By April 26, 2016, 17:12:37


I'm Accuzee, short form of Accuracy-Zero.

I got that name from my cousin when we played The Last of Us and I always failed to shoot the guys off lol.

I'm Asian, Filipino in particular, but I hope to meet people of other nationalities!

I returned to Wakfu after getting sick of the toxicity of the community of League in our country, and also because my laptop couldn't handle the latter after an update. Couldn't play it without lagging and the people talking trash because of it, ugh. :wacko:

SO! I could say I'm fairly new to Wakfu and the forums, too! I played two years ago as a Sacrier, got tired, played a year ago as an Osa, got lazy, and now, I'm a Masqueraider main! I use too much exclamation marks!

Honestly, I could say this is the first time I wrote on a forum. I've never committed to any community that much, in and out of the internet. I guess you could call me a shut in. rolleyes

So, anyways, I hope to have fun playing with you guys, and any hello's and hi's will be GREATLY appreciated! Yay! biggrin 

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Welcome, back.

What server are you playing on?

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Heya! Enjoy yourself and take it slow!

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Hey, thanks for the replies! I really appreciate it. biggrin

I just realized that I didn't even put what server I belong. Hihi my bad. rolleyes

So, I'm currently in Remington. I used to play on Phaeris because the former wasn't available to us yet. But since Remington was now available, I decided it might be a better place to meet new people because it was international.

Again, thanks for the replies! It feels good when people actually notice you. smile 

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Have fun!
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Great to see a fellow Filipino here. I am also new here, just started this week. First went to Phaeris but then found Remington to have more people, though I did make some friends in Phaeris already. Will see what server has more people, though from what I've seen so far Remington looks more active.

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Welcome.. I love the explanation to your name.. awesome biggrin 

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