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Hello from the cold north :D

By Sekan13#1897 January 22, 2016, 19:39:48

Hello everyone smile Im Sekan13, a new player in Wakfu. Im 25 years old and i play on remmington from the country of Denmark biggrin Im fairly cassual and new, so any sort of advice would be welcome biggrin ATM im playing a sacrier and masqueraider in tandem. Might try the huppermage once it becomes available.

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Hello Sekan!, I live in Germany, Very close to the danish border!, so i know the cold you are speaking of!. If you need help, Feel free to Contact me in-game where i'm known as Tairya, I try to Catch you online tomorrow~

Have fun!

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Heyo. If you are still playing... I have returned to Wakfu after a 1-2 years of break.

Så hit me up derinde, så kan vi group op. wink



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