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Greetings to the -Dead- Forum

By EggsAreL1fe#9601 September 26, 2014, 15:47:51

Hello Everyone, I am just starting out in this game and I would like to actually be active in the community of this game, and not just play it. My Name is Joey and I am a college student at the university of Cincinnati in OH (I'm US playing on the Nox server). I have much experience playing dofus, mainly playing a duo team then joining in with friends. I quit dofus a while back but was looking to get into it again, but decided to play wakfu instead, to mix it up and try something new smile.

I am currently playing an air Iop, level 17 or so... just about to choose which alignment to be! I have only had time to play for a few hours, but so far I am really enjoying it. Everything is very very confusing and different from dofus though, lets say i got lost in the sewers for like 30 minutes because i couldn't find the staircase wink so I'm just trying to adjust right now.

Honestly In game I am pretty shy, and not one to just randomly talk to people... same as RL xD. So I am posting here in hopes of making some friends to play with in game to play with, or at least talk to while I solo level. Maybe a friendly guild; Even just a mentor to help me adjust to this game and figure everything out would be amazing.

So far I have noticed a lot different from dofus such as:
1) Equipment is much easier to drop
2) Spells level by how much you use them, though not sure how it knows how much experience to give the spell at the end of the turn
3) putting points into characteristics is really weird
4) you put points into support spells which is also weird
5) You can't subscribe? or is the booster pack a subscription? and you cant pay directly with cash? (HELP)
6) Armor buffs are much smaller while spells base damage is much higher

etc etc haha smile

Now some noobie questions!
1) How do you subscribe? via Booster back? only with ogrines?
2) What important things should i know and do about the game instead of just killing mass piwis, rats, cats? XD
3) What are the perks of joining certain alignments?
4) Max level is 160 but spells go to 200? from what I've noticed, spells only go as high as your current level?
5) do sidekicks make your xp gains worse like in dofus?
6) if not, what is the best sidekick to support a close combat Iop?
7) Anything else you feel is important?

So yeah Just wanna say hello to everyone. Hope the community is nice like dofus (the good side of dofus) ... Hopefully talking about dofus is not taboo here xD. But yeah, hello everyone smile

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Welcome to Wakfu!

1) Yes, you can only subscribe via booster packs, which are bought with ogrines only.
The game IS free, though, so don't feel like you need to subscribe unless you really want to. I won't say subscribing doesn't have its perks, because it does help you out.

2) Professions are your best friend, but especially the Trapper profession. It allows you to harvest monster seeds and plant them yourself, so that you're not constantly detracting from the entirely player-controlled ecosystem. It's a system of give and take.

3) Different alignments will host different amounts of players, different kinds of players and have different aesthetics. There's no real advantage to picking one over the other, in my opinion, so go with whichever you like.

4) Spells cannot exceed your current character level normally, no. You can find equipment that gives you spell levels, which can increase this past your character level if I understand it correctly.

5) Sidekicks aren't as detrimental in Wakfu as they are in Dofus. In contrast, you'll probably want to use them at least initially so that you can solo mobs easier.

6) I don't really know much about sidekicks, but until you hit level 60~, Astrub Knight (a free sidekick you get pretty early on in the game) can be really helpful.

I can't think of much else to add. Group xp multipliers are similar to Dofus, group size is restricted to 6, unlike Dofus' 8.

Feel free to contact me on here or in game. My IGN is Ectoplasm, and I'm also on Nox, despite living in England (so it may be awkward reaching me).
You'd be welcome to join the guild I'm in, Shrouded (recruitment post pending), most likely. We're pretty chill, and in need of more members, y'see. #shamelessselfpromotion

Regardless, if you have any further questions, or want anything explaining, I can try my best to explain it to you. Hope this helped!

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Ectoplasm (awesoeme name by the way),

Thank you very much for the response! your information was very valuable. I will definitely contact you in game. It will not be till the weekend due to timing because I wont be able to get on (due to work) until after your asleep. But I'll go ahead and add you and Message you when we happen to be online at the same time. I would love to join your guild by the way. You are very nice and I presume your tribe is nice too. That is, if you will have me smile.

Thanks again, and see you in game ! smile 

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