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Hello World!

By endlessdelirium#8188 - MEMBER - September 14, 2014, 04:02:00

Hi! I used to play Wakfu a while ago. I think it's been a few years, pretty close to 3 at this point? Not even all the classes were available yet, so there must have been some changes.

Anywho, just saying hi! Feel free to call me Del if we end up talking somehow.

Main question of this: How have things been in Wakfu since I left? Does anyone have some good tips to leave for me? I do remember that I enjoyed the Sram class back then, so I any tips regarding that class would be appreciated.


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Welcome back!

Wakfu has had its ups and downs - I think everyone on the forums can agree about that :x
However, I'm really in favour of the recent patch which added the riktus nation and completely rewrote gear, resistance, statistics / specialities, turn bonuses, pvp and the sram class.

Im terrible at gauging time so I wont list changes as you'll probably know of most of them 1:
But um, there are relics / epics which give exclusive or just abnormally high stats. You can only equip one of each at a time.
Haven worlds are big sandboxes owned by guilds - do what you want and have fun in them smile But they are limited, so not all guilds have them.

In just a few days wakfu will go live on steam, hopefully bringing more people to the game smile

It seems youve already discovered srams (personally, I love them) but if for whatever reason you don't like them there's air masq's which are somewhat similar in playstyle. Not sure what I have going for tips - but the double's spell 'chakra' is amazing :0

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