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Hey everyone!

By Plastered-Guts#9691 September 03, 2014, 15:10:26

Hey everyone, new to Wakfu. Love SRPG's though so I should fall in love with this game. Anyway, I just started on Nox server, but I thought I'd ask if you guys and gals think going to Remington might be a better idea? Just looking for the place that's well... not the most populated, but I guess you could say the most active. What server has the most intresting stuff going on? I see that nations can have wars and stuff and people can become outlaws and go to prison and guards that catch the outlaws. All that stuff seems real cool, so going on to the server that more of these type of events happen, even player generated events, is really something I'd like to get into before I get to far into the game. Anyway, hope to see you all i game and thanks for the advice in advance.

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