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By August 05, 2014, 11:12:00

I'm rather an old player returning from closed beta due to the game going free to play, at the current moment I'm not sure whether i'm going to be maining on Remington or Nox, that's still in debate in my mind however whichever I choose I plan on making a guild, directed and pointed at the hopes of mainly getting newbie players, and returning players who can help one another out with information they gather, resources, etc. Hopefully when I get to making it and picking a server I'd love to be in I can get a few high level English players into it to help players more significantly and substantially.

You can just call me Destruct, or a nickname of my actual name which shouldn't be that hard to figure out at that point, anywho good luck to all new players and hello to current and old players!

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rem and nox are both equally pretty dead so flip a coin friend,

also welcome back, good to see old players making a return.

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