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Olá! "New" Wakfu player looking for people to play with

By XxDarkCatxX#6103 - MEMBER - July 20, 2014, 13:40:31

Hello there!

My name is Milene but some people call me Melon ( which right now is kinda funny considering I recently dyed my hair green ), I'm a ( lazy ) portuguese arts student who spends too much time on the internet. I've been on Dofus for about 6~7 years, didn't play all that time tho, I "quit" many times ( to be honest tho what made me come back wasn't the game itself but the "Dofus universe", I'm really interested in its stories and characters hehe )

I also happen to have a tumblr blog where I post all my art but I'm not too sure about posting the link here ( however if you have a tumblr blog and if you're really that curious about it you can send me a message! ) ( oh yeah also as a sidenote I also roleplay )

Anyway, I'm not exactly "new" to Wakfu since I've played it many times before while it was evolving, but I never really played long enough even because I never found friends to play with and couldn't really p2p on Wakfu so yeah, I'm "new" but at the same time not really!

I've decided to try it again since it's now F2P, and I'd love to find some new people to play with biggrin

I play in Remington, and some of the characters I use are Marioneta, Kayessa and Calyse
( all nub characters )

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