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Greetings to all! Here to experience the wonderful world of Wakfu!

By April 23, 2014, 14:30:20

Hello everyone! You can call me Reko. It is nice to meet you all! I am just your not so regular shy and creative mind type of guy.
The TV series which I love a lot really got me curious about the game after I watched every episode. Now after I looked into what the game is like I have to say it's uniqueness is quite intriguing. So far I only did the tutorial and there still a few things I still not yet managed to fully understand (mainly the spells and ability leveling) but I am sure I can handle it. I am not sure yet what direction I want go in game but I do know I wanna be the Sacrier! That is one thing I decided about before anything at all.
I can be pretty shy and worried when it comes to conversations and making friends but I will try my best. Really hope I can manage to fit in this lively and lovely community.

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I see you found your way to the World of Wakfu biggrin

Im really curious on which server u started to play. If u are on the Remington server, i would gladly help you with the game and any question u got in mind. Send a message to me on Ankabox whenever you just want smile

Anyway what i wanted to say, a big Welcome! biggrin


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Actually as a matter of fact I am on Remington. My most comfortable online language is English so Remington seemed like the logical server choice to me.

I really appreciate the warm welcome! happy 

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Hey again,

You can contact me in game as: Pandora-hun or any of my ats, if u got any questions.

Hope u enjoy the game!

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