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Hi Everyone!

By Demik#8988 March 06, 2014, 20:49:52

New player freshly subscribed looking for fun friendly people to play with and hangout.
Lvl. 30 Masqeraider!

IGN: El Baron Rojo
Server: Nox

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Welcome, Baron. Watch out for Snoopy. He aims to PK you.

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Heya! I suppose you have already found a guild, but if you are still looking & interested, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic is recruiting. Like I have said to other players today, most of our active players are lvl 45 at the lowest & 70+ as well.

We do not mind if someone is lower level than us though. We still treat them the same as higher leveled players. Everyone seems to be leveling their characters atm together. It is actually rare to find one our guildies without being grouped with another member right now. Every so often people do want to take time to work on professions as well, & that's fine too. We will help with anything that we can possibly help with on any thing you may want or need. That can range from leveling, professions, or even farming gear. We will do our best to help each other out.

We do have a post in the guild section under Nox if you feel like checking us out. If not then please enjoy your time in-game. Wish ya the best!

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