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Ello, new person looking for some people to play with

By KasinEX#8785 February 13, 2014, 09:20:08

Hey, started playing this game about 3 days ago or so. I've played games like this before, but yeah. Anyways, I'm just looking for some people to play with is all, anyone who wants to group up and just kill stuff/level up/dungeon/etc. I don't mind starting from level 1 either, I still have 3 characters that are level 1, level 8 Feca, and level 19 Sacrier. So if anyone wants to play sometime, reply and I'll put up some ingame names and we can meet up ^^

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Maybe I missed it: which server are you on?

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Hello, KasinEx are you still looking for a group? I just started and want to know if you are interested in joining with me or vice-versa.

Server: Nox/ EST/ Raidcall: 8214654

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I'm down as well lol , my ign is Zerodegrees, Miniloki or Bourgeoisie

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if your still looking for people to group up with, I've been searching for a group of people. My character name is Azimere

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