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Not so new guy, but didn't know that this part of the forums existed...

By JLethal#8583 February 06, 2014, 23:19:42

So...yeah. I played back in closed beta, and off and on for while here and there. I also played Dofus years back, and had fun adventures while it lasted for me. I recently pulled my gf into the game, and eventually started a guild on Nox. I go by Fiona the Risen in game, and since now I began a guild, I'm looking for more laid back people to play the game with. While joining the guild would be nice, it's not a requirement at all. I'm just trying to forge ahead, and I'm at that point where it's pretty slow without others to share in the playing. So...uh..nice to meet y'all.

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As regretable it is that I'm not part of Nox, I'd like to welcome you back to Wakfu all the same. I hope you don't find catching up with all that you've missed to daunting.

Here's to another adventure through the world of twelve, right?

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I appreciate the well wishes, although to be fair, I'll likely be gone in a couple of months. This game's not bad, but I find it suffers from the same thing that most do. I rarely can find anyone to play with.

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