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Roleplayer and Artist saying hi.

By TeaCupKnight#7691 January 30, 2014, 02:13:58

Hi there, I'm TeaCupKnight, my main is Crayne on Remington.
Figured I should post a hello here before anything else.

I used to play Dofus about oh.. 8 years ago or so, and it was a pretty big part of my life back then, but I drifted away from the game and got busy blah blah you know.

And then recently I got some amazon vouchers and decided that I had never got around to adding the Dofus artbook to my collection all those years ago so figured I'd pick it up.

It was about half a day before I downloaded Wakfu.

I have to say I adore it. It's improved on a number of things I used to be shaky about in Dofus and is obviously a very pretty game. It still has the same level of oddball humour I used to love.

And to top it off Sacriers are now able to solo competently (thankyou so much).

Now I could gush a little more but I figure I should probably say some stuff about myself.

I am by trade an Artist, I specialise in character design. I also enjoy roleplaying and intend to make an appearance in that forum once I've got a few more images of my character(s) I'm happy with.

I'm always happy to say hi and maybe play with people if you want to hit me up in game.
Try: Crayne, Futilia or Loiske, those are the characters I play most frequently.

Glad to be back playing an Ankama game and I hope to hear from some people =D

Also here's a doodle of my main Crayne:

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Hi there TeaCupKnight!

Welcome to the International / North American english language forums! I have taken the liberty of editing your post to include the picture you linked.

I hope you continue to enjoy your experience in game and hopefully you'll find lots of helpful resources here on the forums for any questions you might have. There's lots of friendly regulars around who I'm sure will be happy to aid you if you have any enquiries.

- Atdose
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Oh awesome thankyou very much for that! It's very much appreciated!

I think I'm gonna like it here =D

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I hope you decide to stick around, your art is very nice! smile 

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It's wonderful to see more budding artists be part of the game. I am also on Remington; although I can't always guarantee I'll be free to do thing, I'd be more than happy to help you out where I can in game.

You can find me in game under the name Usatei, it'll be a pleasure to speak to you sometime.

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