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By Vascus#3841 - MEMBER - January 24, 2014, 05:26:15

Well I've always wanted to really start playing some of the World of Twelve games but I never found anybody to do it with. I went on Dofus and I had one person for a little while but then I was left to grind and roam confused. I had little to no friends on the game and more often then not my only interaction was someone wanting to duel me despite me obviously being a lower level. So as of now I'm a F2P user on Wakfu but I can easily subscribe, if some group/guild promises to help me on my way and show me the ropes that's fine by me. Any of the nations are acceptable but preferably Amakna or Bonta, but Sufokia is fine by me as well, as for Brakmar, I know little else about it besides it being a big forge/factory city and it being super corrupt, but hey if I can find a community at all I'l take it!

So, any bidders here? On Dofus I played a Iop and enjoyed it quite a bit up until the point I started realizing it was slowing down and I had no one with me. Still I've always been interested in the Ecaflip or Cra as well, so I'm a bit on the fence for what I'd do for Wakfu. So if there's actually a community present here, I'd love to be a part of it!

I'm also extremely excited about the premise of the Wakfu show coming to the states as well in English! I love the show and I still try to watch Kerubim whenever I can, but I could never get really into the games since no one took the time to help the noob! I see so many people say "Maybe this will bring in new players!" On the youtube videos, yet at the same token, people like me have tried and people just ignore me despite my pleas. So I hope the same isn't repeated here. Thank you

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Hey! Saw your unanswered post from before and figured I'd answer both at once! From your previous post you asked:

1. Where is everyone in Nox?
The population on Nox is lower then other servers, but part of it comes down to knowing where the players are. If you head over the 5th Bond in Bonta, for instance, your guarenteed to see a number of people. It is harder to find people out in the wild, but again it comes to down to location.

2. I want a group of friends to show me the ropes and let me level and understand the game.
There a number of groups on Nox who are actively recruiting - my guild The Underground Stasis Society is one of them, or alternatively Ashen Lupus or Beaters also have a fairly active player base of many different levels. Even if you don't want to join up into a guild, the guys who run them - Maddness and Bulwark respectively, are usually game with helping out new players.

3. Its a foolish adventurer who does not know the perils he will face.
Seriously, what can I expect from dungeons. Traps?
Yes, in some dungeons. All maps have squares around the edges, and some within the map, that can negatively effect your game play - some decrease MP or WP, or have more specific affects depending on the dungeon. On top of that in some dungeons there are separate 'traps' - Whirligig dungeons has fans that move you, Scaraleaf dungeon has trigger plates that do fire dmg, etc.

4. How much of this game is luck based? (I'm focusing on an Ecaflip so I do like the idea of luck)
This is kinda of vague since its open to interpretation. Critical Hits / Failures, spell effects like Stun or Blindness, and drops can all occur based on luck - though gear or ability points can increase the chances of having something happen. Ecaflip is very much a luck based class - I've played with characters who can go from hitting in the +1000's to accidentally killing themselves or others when their unlucky in a matter of turns.

In regards to this current post:

There is definitely a community on Nox, though again, it just takes knowing where to find all the players! All of the nations are pretty nifty - as a Brakmarian I would of course recommend Brakmar - but to be honest, since all the nations are usually at peace, it doesn't necessarily matter too much. Its easy to travel between the nations as well as the surrounding islands so your not confined to one place, and though the bonuses vary from nation to nation, most of the governments try and maintain the bonus within the nations.

If your interested in settling in, I would check out the Guild & Nation forums for Nox so you can have a better idea of what there is out there aside from what I've listed above.

I hope this is helpful and that we'll see you on Nox!

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Thank you for the reply, I guess I'll head to the guild forums and see if anyone is willing to recruit a noob like myself to Wakfu.

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