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Allow me to reintroduce myself...

By Senru#1545 - MEMBER - December 28, 2013, 21:22:48
Season greeting everyone!

My name is Senru and i'm staging a return to Wakfu for 2014. Few may remember me, but, I was once a pivotal member of the Wakfu community.

I was chosen by Kaoly to be a Beta reporter way back in 2008 and played until the the first open beta. Almost 6 years later and I'm back to give Wakfu another chance.

Looking forward to getting to know the new faces and reconnecting with old friends.

- Senru
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Oi oi Senru,

I am JerryDB of the Remington server I thought I would greet you, welcome back.

Since the live release of Wakfu there are IP-restrictions based geographical location so what server are you going to play on?.

Here is my guide for switching server.

I understand your a long time play coming back but tons has changed so here is my video for new players within this video I give an overiew of the entire game. The video is quite long in the detials you can skip to different sections. Video link here.

Please feel free to ask this form or myself for advice on anything related to Wakfu.

Good luck

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