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Hello wakfu (From dathura)

By Jaybarsaad December 24, 2013, 03:13:01
Hello wakfu, i just wanted to express my heart felt curiosity in choosing dathura being an english speaking person, you may call me a Nox but i have recently discovered that server and was happy knowing there is an english server.
My truthful point of view is that dathura (my french being legitimately horrible) i may have trouble understanding and sometimes people dont give me the time of day, get a little impatient and in general dont want to group with me. Im not saying i made a mistake coming to dathura but in your opioin did i?
I found some english speaking folks, some from canada and not many from the us. Would i have to find a more english speaking guild to get a full gaming exp? Ive soloed this far and i enjoy this game on multiple levels and i just want to interact with people more. So im not looking for english only guilds im just looking for an active international guild. Thank you for reading and happy holidaya
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Oi oi

It is not for us to judge the decision that you have made on such as subjects its way to subjective.

Remington is the most international server on Wakfu.
Nox is for the North American players has the biggest number of English speakers.
Dathura is international french speaking which in reality doesn't exist, it is some words put together. Basically its a second french server the international part is just that everyone can join at as all the other server has IP restrictions.

Just in case you didn't know Dathura being a french speaking server is on the French version of the Wakfu website.

If you would like a guild please follow this link.

If your french is not very good I would suggest opening the page in google chrome and let it auto translate.

The international community manager Troyle started an English speaking guild on Dathura called Troyaloius (spelt incorrectly no doubt) I am afraid I can;t help you any further than that.
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