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Brakmar is Brakmar again

By Sad-Mini May 11, 2014, 19:30:10
Mini the true king of brakmar has returned. all glory to brakmar. all glory to the true brakmarians. there's nothing to see here. move along.
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Brakmar was always Brakmar and those who were voted in were there because Brakmarians wanted them in.

The last two Governors held meetings, to give a voice/public forum to the Brakmarian people. Do you hold any plans for this in the future?
the last 2 gov won cuz they have a bunch of alts. only reason.
Instead of mud slinging, Mini, I'll point you back to the posters actual question. Do you plan to do anything for Brakmar or do you just plan to occupy the space?
there will be a meeting today biggrin 
DJXsystem|2014-05-14 20:32:53the last 2 gov won cuz they have a bunch of alts. only reason.
You mean to tell me mini doesn't alt vote ?
You can't close an eye to one gov and judge another.
In any case, Mini won this term and he will show us the difference between the Real Brakmar and the terrible Brakmar that unfortunately I only got to see until now.
Its going to be an interesting term.
Best of luck, as we all work for the Glory and Prospect of Brakmar.
come to the meeting today!
Sad-Mini|2014-05-16 16:58:40come to the meeting today!
Unfortunately I am on a trip to Rome and going back to NA on the 17th of May so I will not be able to attend today's meeting.
I have complete faith that my guild will represent the same ideas/interests that I would represent
I would like to have a chat with you ingame if you are on now
best of luck in the National meeting !
Im not on atm I will be in a few mins
There was, unfortunately, not enough warning for me to plan attendance. If there are more in the future I will try to attend.
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