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Arbiter, a guild for new players and mentors, is recruiting.

By SolemacRyu - MEMBER - May 31, 2020, 08:22:10
Guild Statement:
A guild for those looking to make their way in The World of 12
new players and veterans welcome!
no nation requirements, PvE focused, modulox and daily/weekly quest runs

As a guild we are focused on helping low level players learn mechanics game mechanics and strategies.
We are currently level 9 as a guild, I hope that I can change that fact soon and get members the maximum value from joining.Current benefits are: 
We hope to help newer players enter into the world of 12 so that the Nox and Wakfu community can expand as a server and gain new friends, allies, and introduce more people to this uniquely wonderful game. 

Where I try to keep up to date with devblogs, wakfu news, post builds, guides, memes, daily quests, and other useful or important information.
if your interested in sticking around or would like to join the guild @me and I'll give you a role.
Reply to this thread to with questions comments or requests. if you want to join hit me up on discord I'm Solemace#8115 or in game IGN: Solemace. You can also ask to join through the thread and ill get to you asap!
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