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Guild of Love: Love and Be Loved (Recruitment)

By Mearth - MEMBER - May 18, 2020, 13:33:28
The Guild of Love's motto is to Love and Be Loved.

We believe in platonic love and are secular. Sometimes the Guild of Love may release affirmations on the recruitment chat. Members are encouraged to help anyone and everyone while in keeping with the Guild motto.

All players are invited and any member can invite you. Players may move up Guild ranks to become the Number One player in the guild. It is optional to score guild points, but you need to move up the ranks to access more of the Guild's bank. We are a neutral guild with no nation alliance.

Our rules are:
  1. Login every 7 days, not weekly.
  2. The first rule is most important. Also, recruit peeps.
  3. Ask for help if you wish it.

Alts/Offline ranks have 30 days to login but never move up the ranks.

The Guild of Love is a growing guild. Level 9 and buying all guild bonuses along the way with guild points. We have been in existence for two years and have no haven world. Feel free to chat with us via this link:

Contact Info: Post here; Guild of Love Chat (Discord); Halo Nott; any guild member can recruit you.
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