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By PimpGrad3 - MEMBER - October 28, 2019, 20:42:40

hello! my name is Havatian and im a iop on the server nox.
we are no longer recruiting. we will miss you!
------EDIT JANUARY 21ST 2020---- THIS GUILD HAS BEEN DISBANNED. it was created to serve the community. To anyone who will continue the effort to help new players, and revive the player base: stay firm in your convictions. the air in the server nox is thick with the smell of elitism and envy is deep. if you are here looking for a home, look for faded glory and the true beating heart of the noxians. 

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We have a new guild which we are renaming Elysium! We accept everyone, and, though we may be small, we are very loyal to each other. Making this post in case any old Vainglorious members return and don’t know what happened

Kamas and everything in the chests are gone, but the new council is working on stocking up =)

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