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The Tachiagari (Recruiting status: CLOSED) (Language: English/broken English) (Nation Status: Amakna)

By MiseryDa - MEMBER - August 17, 2019, 21:04:46
The Tachiagari
Status: Recruiting
(See below)
Contact: Discord

GM: Black Syce
Co-GM:The Xorishi
Co-GM: Miyu Tsumugi

Recruiting status is on a rule compliance basis. Rules are listed in our discord. Being accepted into the guild does not mean you are to be given permissions to things you want. This things will be earned with time served. We are a very strict guild prepare yourself if you intend to join. (Wakfu terms of service and code of conduct also applies to our guild, anyone caught breaking such services/conduct will be permanently removed from the guild and banned from our discord.)

Recruitment status is being change to closed due to the lack of population of Nox Server. Along with "Biased" opinions.
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