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Work for my guild and get payed in KAMAS!

By Cecet01 - MEMBER - April 24, 2019, 04:59:32

I am after my final kit skill and it is a bit of a grind and I simply don't have the time/patience for it so I am offering about 1 million kamas a week to max out my guild points. 

I am paying 150 kamas per single guild point earned. The cap each week is 7500. All in all I need 40,000 to obtain my final kit skill. So up for grabs is a little over 6,000,000 kamas over a 6 week period (Though this could potentially go on for longer if I have the kama supply to handle it).

How it will work is you will be invited into the guild to obtain as many guild points as you can (best way is to kill mobs in Incarnam while using heroes or multiboxing). Once you are ready to cash out you will let me know and I will give you whatever kamas you made that week. You will then be kicked from the guild and can return anytime you'd like (This is to reset the GP counter).

Anyone interested in joining in the effort is welcome but be aware it is first come first serve and once the guild points are maxed out you are out of luck till the next week. 

You can message your IGN here OR whisper me in game under the name Cecet OR find me on discord: Nulltemp#8057

Thanks smile

PS: I am considering some sort of raffle at the very end of the event but not sure what it will be yet. Maybe a costume from a future sale or something. We will see! 

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