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Novum Fatali is now recruiting! All are welcome!

By Forunia - MEMBER - January 03, 2019, 23:01:29

Hey everyone!

Novum Fatali is now looking for new members! We are a lvl 10 guild with a Haven World with a lvl 2 guild hall, working on lvl 3. We are a friendly, drama-free guild and if you need any help, we will offer you our help for any circumstance. Our Haven World has both professions and leveling pens for quick levels in both crafting and fighting. Our ranks are very, very simple to progress in. We also offer a guild discord! Once you're in, message any one of the names below for the discord link!

Message any of these people for an invite!
-Forunia, The Ultimate Foru
-Brutal Murder
-Goat To Be Kidding


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