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Del'sTrading Company looking for new members!

By sumatre - MEMBER - December 13, 2018, 14:21:31

Hey everyone Del's trading company is looking for new members. The once dead guild has been revived and its lv 10 with a world haven! 

We currently have about half of the guild bonuses active and are working to unlock the rest.

We are up to 12 members now! 

We are looking for new and old players to help fill the roster and make the guild a fun and relaxing place for people to play in.

Working on getting the discord all set up as well.

I will also be starting a Lets play in the near future since there is not many english Lets plays for Wakfu ^^

Let me know here or in game @ craft lawrence if you are interested in joining. If you post here let me know your IGN so i can try adding you later if you cant get in touch with me.

Last updated 12/24/18
I am usually on early mornings around 8am central time but I also get on randomly during the day.

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Tried to find ya in game, but havent had any luck yet.

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@Eversongla I am usually on in the mornings but I can get on later in the day if you still want to join ^.^

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my team members leader is name Zelkie i am interested in joining. 

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Can i join?

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Hey, my name is Ammorol, I am extremely interested in joining, I'm a 105 Feca with a couple of 90 characters and am just looking for people to play with, since usually I just play with my 6 characters if you'll have me I'd love to join. Thank you!

my other character is LullabyPink

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Heya. I saw you post on my thread (after almost 4 months... I took a break.) and I am interested in joining. I thought it would be easier to post here rather than try to be on at the same time as you so here I am. My ign is Bogbog.

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hey hows it going I am a returning player interested in joining as well. My ign is Napkins!

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hello im interested new player IGN Dares

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