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Power leveling Guild?

By ThePuppetx - MEMBER - November 08, 2018, 00:48:58

Hi i'm a long time player but I've been playing solo and I've been getting stuck unable to grind past lower levels solo.
Are there any guilds that are focused on grinding player levels?
I've been told that the end game of Wakfu is about grinding for gear so levels don't mean as much without the gear. However I want to get to a high level so I can grind for my self and in turn help level friends and other players.

Willing to forceed any rare gear I get to players as long as i get some so i can function at a higher level.

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I dont have a guild but i can roll with you and we both can look ingame for a guild. I have some lvl100+ i can plvl us if i buy a god booster. im looking to make a new toon to lvl up.

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1. Go to battlefields

2. Press Q. Click Zinit tab. Follow thru.

3. Understand very few people have any incentive to "help" you in the way you describe. If you can't level up a level 50, or read spells and learn your class, or read quest objectives and complete them, or attend battlefields and pvp, or do the math on environmental quests and seeds and deliver them, or hero/god boost and cheese the low levels, it's unlikely you will be of any use to the people you're asking to help you. You would not be able to "repay" a level 200 in any meaningful (see, tangible) way if you can't play the game at level 50. 

4. Guilds worth joining on Nox include: Light, Valoriss, Black Black Club, Alliance of Ignium, Novum Fatalis, Unidentified. All of those have players that are willing to help you learn the game. Some people may even help you grind out a few levels if they grow to like you. 

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BTF is the way to go, depending on your server's pop, but on my server, BTF is as dead as a grave, literally there will be 0 players all the time.

so you get all the freedom you need in the game without ever having to fight, and go all out on getting full grade and free exp, seriously, i levelled up 30 lvs purely from BTF, i know it sounds boring and what not, but that's the fastest way.

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BBC not helping out the pic

If you c am barely get past lvl 50 there is no point of playing game

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